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Call for evidence: UNCRC 2015 Civil Society Submission

Later this year, the UN will look at how well the UK does at protecting the rights of children here in England. The UN wants to hear from civil society in the UK about our assessment of the situation facing children. This is our chance to tell our side of the story in an “alternative” NGO report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Last time this happened, in 2008, over 100 NGOs and other stakeholders signed up to the alternative report. We want to get even more involved this time. We need you, the experts, to help.

CRAE is preparing TWO reports to submit to the UNCRC, one from NGOs and voluntary sector organizations and one from children and young people in England. Find out how to get involved with the Children’s report.

This call for evidence is for NGOs, voluntary sector organizations, charities and other civil society stakeholders.

Now, we need your ideas, input and evidence to make this report a success. Next, we will ask you to sign up to the report and help us campaign on the report’s recommendations.

This call for evidence is your opportunity to influence the content of the report – it will be too late when we are asking for sign up. Even if you don’t submit any information or evidence to us now, you can still sign up to the report in June (details below).

Now, we seek information on children’s experiences of:

1   Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties

2   Education, Early Years and Play

3   Family, Alternative Care, Exploitation and Trafficking

4   Health

5   Poverty and Standard of Living

6   Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrant Children.


We ask for:

  • evidence of positive and negative examples of how the Government implements children’s rights
  • specific recommendations on how the government can improve this record. The recommendations should suggest solutions to the issues raised and should be precise, realistic and action-oriented. Example: Children should not be tried as adults in crown courts (though the right to a jury trial should be retained)
  • comments and evidence on how well the UK has addressed the  UN Concluding Observations 2008 
  • references to studies or reports that can be cited as evidence
  • information on issues of special concern to specific or minority groups of children and young people
  • Any other concise information you believe will be helpful  (for example, information on how the family justice system is working for children, how children with disabilities are being helped or how vulnerable children are doing while looked after in care)

For example, in the area of health we seek:

  • evidence of children being unable to access health services due to no or low availability in their area - including cases where it is unclear where responsibility for securing those services lies.  
  • evidence of reductions in the provision of public health, early intervention services for children and the impact on children's health
  • evidence on children and young people experiencing health inequalities. In particular, we're looking for evidence of inequality by characteristics other than poverty, so data on the health of children of specific black and minority ethnic groups, refugee and migrant children, disabled children, LGBT children and other groups vulnerable to poor health outcomes. 
  • evidence on children’s experiences of making complaints or feeding back about health services

How to respond:

  • Please respond via email (address below) and provide all information in no more than 200 words per issue
  • Please nominate a lead person to liaise with CRAE on the submission
  • All policy recommendations should be specific and measurable (see above) and no more than a few sentences
  • Please do not forward publications without clearly indicating for what purpose they should be cited
  • Please put the subject matter of your evidence in the email subject (eg criminal justice)
  • The report covers the period from the last UN reporting cycle in 2008 until the present
  • Please keep in mind that the entire report is limited to 20,000 words (approximately 30 pages, excluding recommendations)
  • You may want to read  The 2014 UK government 5th periodic report
  • You may also want to look at CRAE’s 2008 NGO Submission

Time frames:

  • Please respond to this  “call for evidence” by 16 March
  • Draft submission will by circulated 1 May, comments due 11 May
  • Final draft will be circulated 10 June, please be ready to agree final sign up by 19 June
  • Final report due in Geneva 1 July 2015  

Contact:  Please respond to Natalia Schiffrin ( ) with evidence and name and contact details of NGO lead by 16 March 2015. Please also let us know if you only want to be involved in the sign up. 

NB: for more information on CRAE’s Children and Young People’s report contact Maria Stephens, This report is the central focus for CRAE’s See it, Say it, Change It project. Like the NGO report this youth led, national project aims to give children and young people a chance to tell their side of the story and to campaign for change. If you are a young person or an adult working with young people and would like more information on how to get involved with the report, please follow this link: /get-involved/see-it,-say-it,-change-it/

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