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CRAE calls on Party leaders to safeguard children's rights

Following the announcement of a snap General Election, CRAE has written to the leaders of the main political parties calling on them to safeguard children's rights. 

In a joint letter with our sister organisations Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights, and the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group  we write:

"The future of human rights protections for children is uncertain. As children’s rights alliances, which between us represent over 350 organisations across England, Wales and Scotland, we want to highlight how the Human Rights Act and rights currently protected through European Union (EU) policy and law are critical to protecting and supporting the children we work with.

When children in care are the victims of abuse, an issue widely publicised in recent years, we can use the Human Rights Act 1998 to help ensure their safety... It’s terrifying for children when they witness or are accused of a crime. The Human Rights Act has ensured the criminal justice system is fairer so we can protect children caught up in these situations.

On a very basic level, human rights give us the power to ensure authorities step up and protect children when something goes wrong.

A plethora of EU policy and legislation also currently helps children to thrive and keep them safe in many ways: from protections for child victims of trafficking, and air pollution reduction targets, to toy safety standards, and maternity rights.

We would be deeply concerned by any plans to weaken our ability to protect all children by removing the safety net of the Human Rights Act or diluting the rights children currently enjoy through our membership of the EU".

We are asking political parties to include a committment to the Human Rights Act and the protections children currently have due to EU law in their General Election manifestoes, which will be published in the next couple of weeks.  




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