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Rights for Life

In March, Equally Ours - the coalition of charities including CRAE that is changing the conversation about human rights – launched a new publication as part of their Rights for Life campaign. Rights for Life shows how human rights are for everyone at any age and any time: we might rely on them when we're younger or older, when we need care, when we're using services or when we interact with the police. The launch in Parliament was hosted by Maria Miller MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, and heard moving, powerful stories from people who have relied on human rights to shine a light on problems and secure justice. The parliamentary meeting underlined that the role human rights have played in these individual stories does not make the headlines but is vital to the people involved.

Speaking about the launch of the new publication, Nicky Hawkins (Equally Ours’s Communications Director) said: ‘The stories we tell about human rights affect the way we think about them, and the way people use them. It’s only when we know the whole story, the story about how human rights help us throughout our lives that we can see how vital they are. We have pulled together some of these important cases into Rights for Life. These are the stories which we want people to think of when they wonder if human rights are relevant or important in Britain today. These are some of the stories which people should be sharing about human rights.

As part of the Rights for Life campaign, Equally Ours is working with CRAE and children's organisations to show how human rights: 

- Empower children and young people in care, enabling them to hold authorities to account 

- Provide a voice and the chance to seek justice for victims of child sexual abuse, such as those in Rotherham 

- Help us improve to the criminal justice system for children and young people

- Change the system for children with mental health problems

To change the conversation and protect our human rights laws, Equally Ours will:

- Train organisations in strategic communications and the best ways to talk about human rights 

- Shine a light on the real human rights stories by working with journalists, opinion formers and politicians. 


Click here to download the Rights for Life stories.

Children’s organisations with a story to tell about human rights should contact: and

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