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Monitoring compliance with the UNCRC at the local level

Public authorities and local decision-makers have obligations under the UNCRC, and can have a huge impact on whether children enjoy their rights in practice, including the right to education, health, protection, housing and play. Yet there is little public awareness of local authorities’ obligations under the UNCRC or scrutiny of how the UNCRC has been implemented at local government level.

CRAE works to raise awareness of the obligations that local bodies have under international law and to empower local organisations to use the UNCRC to campaign at a local level.

CRAE’s State of Children’s Rights in London project will scrutinise how the UNCRC is implemented at a London-wide level and support London organisations to hold local authorities to account for their record on children’s rights.

CRAE will gather evidence from organisations and children and young people in London to assess extent to which children in London enjoy their rights. This evidence will be combined with data from official sources in a report on the State of Children’s Rights in London. CRAE will also deliver training to empower London-based organisations to use the UNCRC in advocacy.