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Promoting Children's Rights in Criminal Justice

CRAE works to promote the rights of children in contact with the criminal justice system.

The number of children in custody is falling, but far too many children are still placed in custody on remand and for non-violent crimes. CRAE wants to see fewer children locked up.

Children should only be held in custody in environments which are suitable for their care and rehabilitation. Read our response to the Government’s Green Paper on the juvenile secure estate to find out more. 

When children are held in custody, they must be protected from harm and treated in a way which respects their rights to be free from violence.

  • CRAE has supported children and young people to carry out research into violence in custody. Read the report here.
  • CRAE has also judicially reviewed the Secretary of State for Justice, arguing that children in custody who were subjected to unlawful restraint were denied access to justice. Read the judgment.