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  • Why the CRC matters- A young person's perspective In this special blog post by steering group member Roztia (18), she tells us about the importance of the CRC to children and young people, and why we all need to learn about the reporting process if we want to make life better for children in England. Read more May 2016
  • CRAE Briefing on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child CRAE are pleased to announce the publication of a new briefing paper on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Read more Apr 2016
  • Joint Enterprise Our Just for Kids Law colleagues recently welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Jogee. Just for Kids Law was one of two organisations which intervened in the case, along with Jengba (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association). Read more Mar 2016
  • Joint APPG meeting on Youth Justice Review The APPG for Children and the APPG for Penal Affairs are holding a joint meeting on 26th April 17:30-18:60 to discuss the interim findings of Charlie Taylor’s Youth Justice Review. Read more Mar 2016
  • Bill of Rights proposals There has been much speculation in recent months on when the proposals for a British Bill of Rights will be published. Read more Mar 2016
  • “It’s Time” The NSPCC is campaigning for the government to improve the support available to every child who has been abused, so that they can have the best chance to rebuild their life. Read more Mar 2016
  • Government publishes response to UN Committee The Government has submitted its response to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child's List of Issues on the UK. CRAE will be working with our members and the other children’s rights alliances in the UK to submit a civil society response to the List of Issues. Read more Mar 2016
  • CRAE in the media We are delighted with an article The Independent newspaper recently published on the use of Taser on children, which featured our Co-Director Carla Garnelas. Read more Mar 2016
  • How can we reframe the debate on criminal justice? Attend the event, 'How can we reframe the debate on criminal justice?' on 7 April 2016. Read more Mar 2016
  • Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill in Lords A Private Members Bill, put forward by Lord Dholakia, to raise the age of criminal responsibility from ten to twelve in England and Wales had its Second Reading in the House of Lords on 29th January. Read more Mar 2016