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  • Blog: Why are police still allowed to use Tasers on children This blog looks at the implications of Taser use for children's human rights and argues that stun guns should not be used on children.

    Tasers have been in the headlines again recently as the Independent Police Complaints Commission published a report looking at Taser use between 2004 and 2013. The report raised concerns about the use of Tasers on people who may be particularly vulnerable including children.
    Read more Aug 2014
  • Blog: Everyday rights – Hughes’ story Teenagers are viewed as children until the age of 18 in the eyes of the law, but because of a legal loophole, 17-year-olds in police custody were regarded as adults. For Hughes, this meant 12 hours overnight in a police cell without being allowed to call his mum or have an appropriate adult there to support him. Read more Aug 2014
  • Just for Kids Law takes action after another 17 year-old held at a police station commits suicide Legal charity, Just for Kids Law, has launched a campaign calling for changes in the law to be made, with regards to the treatment of 17 year-olds as adults when detained in police stations. Read more Aug 2014
  • England’s mental healthcare system is failing children A growing body of research shows that children’s human right to appropriate mental health treatment is being violated. A new report looks at how and why many vulnerable children and young people are slipping through the net, and being denied any, or appropriate, care, protection and support from some statutory services. Read more Aug 2014
  • A proposed “Titan prison” for children will breach their human rights The House of Lords has been highly critical of provisions in the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which would introduce secure colleges as a form of custody for children in conflict with the law. CRAE, with the Standing Committee on Youth Justice and The Howard League for Penal Reform, has produced a briefing which states that these “secure colleges” are in fact huge child prisons and must be removed from the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. Read more Aug 2014
  • More needs to be done for children trafficked into the UK The Modern Slavery Bill was introduced into the House of Commons in June. EPCAT UK welcomed the Bill but has published an open letter to Theresa May, which can be signed online, calling on her to include further provisions in the Bill to help end child trafficking. EPCAT UK is calling for a system of legal guardianship for vulnerable children, the creation of a specific crime of child trafficking and exploitation and better legal protection for the victims. Read more Aug 2014
  • Greater support needed for older children in care and care leavers The Government has published guidance on “Staying Put”, outlining the arrangements which enable care leavers to remain with their former foster carers after they turn 18. This follows concerns around findings that vulnerable care leavers are experiencing severe difficulties with finding appropriate accommodation, having a choice in their housing and managing living alone for the first time. Read more Aug 2014
  • Inquiry into adequacy of response to sexual abuse of children Home Secretary, Theresa May, made an oral statement to Parliament on child abuse investigations. She announced that the Government will establish an independent inquiry panel of experts in the law and child protection to consider whether public bodies – and other non-state institutions – have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse as well as review whether the Home Office failed to act on allegations of child sex abuse in the 1980s. Read more Aug 2014
  • Cabinet reshuffle raises concerns for human rights in the UK The Cabinet reshuffle in July has led to speculation about the effect it may have on human rights protections in the UK. The removal of Ken Clarke, Damian Green and Dominic Grieve, seen as pro-human rights figures, is thought to be a consequence of the conflict within the Conservative party over scrapping the Human Rights Act (HRA) and pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights. Read more Aug 2014
  • Children’s views to be heard in family court hearings The Government has made a commitment that children aged 10 and above, who are involved in family court hearings in England and Wales, will have direct access to judges to make their views known on the case. The announcement follows recommendations by the Family Justice Young People’s Board, which has been calling for changes to the current system and is developing a National Charter for Child Inclusive Family Justice.
    Read more Aug 2014