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  • BLOG: Protecting children’s human rights in UK law Children’s rights are important because they set out minimum standards for the treatment of children. They also matter because they are a powerful tool. They set out legal entitlements for children to the basic things they need for a decent childhood and a good start in life. When a policy or law breaches children's human rights, we don't need to persuade the Government to treat children better, or change its policy - we can demand it. CRAE's blog argues that incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into UK Law would ensure children’s rights are realised in practice Read more
  • BLOG: Failing to put children at heart? The Government’s track record on children’s rights under scrutiny The parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has published their report reviewing the progress made on these children's human rights since December 2010 when, after the last General Election, the Coalition Government gave a commitment to give “due consideration” to the blueprint for children’s human rights – the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) - when making new policy or legislation. Our blog analyses the state of children's human rights in England and what the Government must do to put the best interests of children at the heart of all decision making. Read more
  • Call for evidence: UNCRC 2015 Civil Society Submission Later this year, the UN will look at how well the UK does at protecting the rights of children here in England. The UN wants to hear from civil society in the UK about our assessment of the situation facing children. This is our chance to tell our side of the story in an “alternative” NGO report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

    Last time this happened, in 2008, over 100 NGOs and other stakeholders signed up to the alternative report. We want to get even more involved this time. We need you, the experts, to help.
    Read more
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the digital world On the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) the House of Lords will debate the impact of the digital and online world on children and young people's Convention rights. Baroness Kidron will lead a debate about how children's rights can be protected and promoted in the digital age. Our joint briefing with NCB provides an overview of the key issues and evidence. Read more
  • Legal advice on use of force in secure colleges CRAE sought legal advice on proposals for the use of force in secure colleges. We instructed solicitors at Bindmans LLP to seek independent legal advice from Martin Chamberlain QC and Max Schaefer on the lawfulness of allowing guards in secure colleges to use force in order to maintain "good order and discipline" in secure colleges. Read more
  • House of Lords Report Stage Briefing on Criminal Justice and Courts Bill Briefing for the House of Lords during Report Stage of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. The briefing focuses on Part 2 of the Bill, which contains proposals to introduce secure colleges as a form of youth custody. Read more